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#10 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈

Write your SaaS Growth by SaaSwrites 📈
#10 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈
By Ricky from SaaSwrites • Issue #10 • View online
Aloha SaaS founders & marketers! My name is Ricky, and every Saturday, I curate/create this weekly newsletter ‘Write your SaaS Growth’ by SaaSwrites - a SaaS Marketing Hub.
We discuss curated growth tactics, strategies, and marketing channels in easy-to-digest nuggets to help grow your SaaS.
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Welcome to the 10th edition of Write Your SaaS Growth.
TL;DR In this edition, we discuss:
  • Ads: Create SaaS ads according to your customer funnel
  • Cold Email: Personalize 10X before you focus on volume
  • Content Marketing: Market research with Reddit
  • Community: Your community will buy from you
  • Copywriting: Handle “this is not for me”
  • Email Marketing: Email is like an invitation to someone’s home
  • Growth Marketing: Growth marketing is how you go from $1k - $10k
  • Sales: Ask questions to uncover problems
  • SEO: Write about what your users are seeking solutions for
  • Social Media Marketing: Being afraid of PH launch?
Let’s GO!

Growth Tip of the Week!
Roberto Robles 😺 🚀
Want to know the fastest way to grow your SaaS, newsletter or YouTube Channel? 👀

Grow your audience first 🤩
Ads have a different ad-funnel in terms of customer awareness. There are many ways you can have a great sales pipeline with ads. All you need to do is tweak your offering depending on where your customer is. If you sell a blogging tool, sell the dream of blogging to the top of your funnel. Sell what blogging will help them do rather than the writing tool.
Clay Norris
If you're going to invest money into paid ads, you're burning cash if you directly pitch your SaaS product.

Start with a lead magnet, offer value for free, and nurture the buyer.
Cold Email
Cold emails for SaaS especially B2B have to be a lot more personalized. Selling a tool is a relationship at this point. Personalize the cold email not just as an ice-breaker but also about the specific problem your company/prospect has. Maybe through a loom video? You can scale later with volume.
Corey P Nicholson
@LoftedLearning Quality over quantity all day. The more personal you make it the better. I had a friend who would do individual looms for each cold email he sent to founders pitching his saas product and response rates boomed
Content Marketing
For your content hammer to hit the ever-moving nail, you need to be point-on with your content marketing strategy. You can craft the perfect one with good content marketing research. Reddit is a great tool to do your content marketing research.
Contensify | Content Marketing Agency
Reddit is a goldmine of content ideas for almost the SaaS industry.

Your target audience actively asks questions and comments, so it’s easy to see what topics you can in your content marketing strategy.
The biggest difference a good community can do for your SaaS is to create a hearty relationship. When a prospect feels genuinely seen, heard, and talked to, it is natural for them to retain the favor. You get customer word of mouth and target audience research. A lifetime subscription is only icing on the cake.
Iren Glass | Utopian
Twitter: 99% of people will never buy from you

Email list: 80% of people will never buy from you

Community: Most people will buy your SaaS, high-ticket service, and whatever you put in the world someday…

Build a community.
Your potential customers would fin n reasons to buy the product! One big objection you must have faced is this is not for me. In most of these cases, your prospect is not sure if they would be able to make justice of the investment. It’s your job in the copy to uncover objections and help the make the sale.
Joe Portsmouth 🧲
“This isn’t for me.”

If a qualified prospect says this, there's a messaging issue.

To crush this objection:
• Personalize your copy
• Speak in their language
• Eliminate risk with a free trial
Email Marketing
Email is a very sensitive topic. It’s like an invitation to someone else’s home. You got to be well-mannered. You need to tell them you are coming (let them know when you will send emails), what you will be doing (tell them why you are sending emails), and how it will help them when you come (bring a high value to the table, maybe a bottle of wine?).
3 Email Marketing mistakes 96% of SaaS Companies make:

1/ They send super long emails ( our attention span is very low )
2/ Mass blasting your 1 email to the whole list ( inviting spams and super high costs )
3/ They talk about THEIR features ( not benefits )

Homage @hnshah
Growth Marketing
Growth marketing is hugely relevant in SaaS. Your customer lifecycle flywheel can generate massive opportunities to keep building your MRR. Every stage has a good chunk of detail that can be the difference between a $1k MRR and a $10k MRR.
Yannick | Marketing & Growth
Here is the growth funnel for your SaaS business -

1. Acquisition - how you find them?
2. Action - what they do on your website?
3. Retention - how long do they stay? do they come back?
4. Revenue - What is their lifetime value?
5. Refer - do they tell their friends about you?
Sales is a lot about having a conversation and helping your prospect. Sales is not about selling but asking questions to uncover prospect problems.
David Morris
Once You Find Pain, Stop Selling:

2 things motivate people to buy: pleasure and pain.

Pain is more powerful.

Ask questions to uncover pain. When you find it, stop selling anything else.

Focus on relieving that pain.

People buy their pain and your confidence you can fix it.
As a new SaaS product, begin your SEO with bottom-of-the-funnel content. Start writing about your features and how it helps the job to be done. This is how new SaaS products can create BOFU content. It helps a user with their most specific and pressing pain-point and creates multiple opportunities for conversion.! :)
Dmytro Krasun 💛💙
That's it.

The project is ranking as a featured snippet for a solution-related keyword. It is the first result effectively.

No hacks, no backlinks, only high-quality content that answers precise questions. Even without images.

It is possible!
Social Media Marketing
I have never done a Product Hunt launch. However, what I know and understand after multiple upvotes - it’s a great way to see who your target audience is, get initial feedback, and maybe some early users too. Have you done a PH launch before? How did it go? Are you considering one soon?
Yossi Segev 🥝
Is it normal to be afraid to launch on Product Hunt? 🤔

I think it's time to plan a PH launch for TinyKiwi, but I'm afraid to "waste it".

Maybe wait until my Twitter reach will grow?

Maybe I need another landing page update?

So many questions...
I don't know how to handle it
Behind the scenes
We’re building a guide for tech marketers in public. It’s a tale of how tech founders can sell freely (without fear!). Follow along the story :)
Ricky 📈
SaaSwrites Update📈
Working on a new micro-project 🥳

-> A tale of how tech founders sell freely (without fear!)

Do tech SaaS founders find it hard to promote/sell?
It's not about skills. More about imposter syndrome (maybe)? 🤔

Let's find out!

Who's with me?
Thanks for reading! SaaSwrites is a humble attempt to help SaaS founders and marketers grow their SaaS.
See you next Saturday.
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