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#13 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈

Write your SaaS Growth by SaaSwrites 📈
#13 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈
By Ricky from SaaSwrites • Issue #13 • View online
Ciao SaaS founders & marketers! My name is Ricky, and every Saturday, I curate/create this weekly newsletter ‘Write your SaaS Growth’ by SaaSwrites - a SaaS Marketing Hub.
We discuss curated growth tactics, strategies, and marketing channels in easy-to-digest nuggets to help grow your SaaS.
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Welcome to the 13th edition of Write Your SaaS Growth.
TL;DR In this edition, we discuss:
  • Ads: With ads, you don’t have to wait for growth to happen
  • Cold Email: A high conversion formula for your cold email
  • Content Marketing: Formatting and design contribute to clear messaging
  • Community: You don’t have to build a community to leverage value from one
  • Copywriting: Apply QUEST framework for your Hero section
  • Email Marketing: Simple email automation flows can reduce churn
  • Growth Marketing: offering value with upsell & cross-sell
  • Sales: A SaaS demo call is to discover pain
  • SEO: Have helpful guides for all your features
  • Social Media Marketing: Influencers representing your brand
Let’s GO!!

Growth Tip of the Week!
Angshuman - B2B SaaS Content
How do you define SaaS Growth?

Many SaaS firms prefer MRR -

MRR = Avg. billed amount * No. of customers

But what about -
1) CLV per customer
2) Churn rate
3) Customer retention

A better formula would be
SaaS growth = acquisition rate * avg. CLV

How to optimize?
It’s a great idea to start running ads in the first opportunity you get. There is no waiting for growth. You turn up right in front of your customers who need your product. It’s easy and scalable.
Simon Høiberg
@ikoichi Get good ad runnings ads!

However big your audience is, and however many other influencers you know, it'll never compare to the number of impressions you can get from simply paying for it... Not even close.

And it's muuuuch less stressful than trying to keep up with organic 😅
Cold Email
Cold email with a cast study can drive an insane ROI. Here’s one example that you can use for let’s say a Blogging SaaS:
We recently helped a lifestyle brand in {niche} save {~15 hours a week } from {month1} - {month3} using {productName} with {a reliable technical SEO} leading to them increasing traffic growth to {107% MoM}.
Niall 💥
@LeeviEerola @cbwritescopy > Using Case Studies

Case studies are going to move the needle an INSANE amount

You’ve generated $X in just Y, by Z

Remember the offer components??

X = Quantifiable result

Y = Timeframe

Z = Mechanism

A great cold email is a reframing of your offer in creative ways
Content Marketing
Formatting matters. Design matters. Both contribute to better marketing and clearer messaging. Readers won’t stay engaged if you’re making the reading experience hard to do. This is something I’m learning as I write. Always keep breaking your content with a variety.
Samantha Leal
Making content reader-friendly, clear, and easy to absorb are one of the most overlooked elements in content marketing.
To leverage the power of a community, you do not have to build one from scratch. Leverage existing communities. Particularly Facebook groups, niche forums, and Reddit. Your customers are asking for your help!
Liam | SaaS growth
2 / Communities

There are dozens of options here. Introduce yourself & talk about your new project:

• Indie Hackers
• Product Hunt
• Reddit
• Facebook groups

Things to consider:
The best way to apply copywriting principles is through a framework. The Quest framework is great for the all-important brand hero section of SaaS products serving a niche.
Jon Brosio
@TheHustle @thedankoe @heykahn 4. Q.U.E.S.T

→ A copywriting formula that:

• Qualifies:
• Understands:
• Educates:
• Stimulates:
• Transitions:

I found a great example from @tom_hirst that illustrates this on his landing page:
Email Marketing
Email marketing is still underutilized. Email is a great way to help your existing and interested customers educate about your value. Look into some simple email automation and flows and start designing your emails. It’s a great way to reduce churn too!
Bearded Email Marketer | Utopian 💭
The average growth rate for MRR is 4.4% every month which is 52.8% a year

Little to any SaaS owner's are using email marketing to increase that monthly growth rate

And over 80% of businesses are using at least ONE SaaS application

That's a serious opportunity for growth.
Growth Marketing
There’s so much that an average price increase can do. Pricing should never be a motivation for your customers. If your customers are choosing you based on pricing, they will leave you sooner than later. Offer upsell or cross-sell value once you have stable retention. That will help you increase your MRR.
Angshuman - B2B SaaS Content
#2 Increase Avg. Revenue per Account (ARPA)

Once your churn rate is in control, try increasing the avg. revenue per account.

2 ways for this -

1) Cross-selling - sell additional products at a discount
2) Upselling - sell a larger package with more features
A great SaaS sales demo or discovery call is to discover the pain. Figure out their day-to-day workflow on how to overcome their pain with your SaaS. Quantify the pain with a financial metric or time metric. And then shut up! You will most likely close a sale.
Robby Cannon
The problem with SaaS/Tech sales is that most demo calls SUCK.

They don't relate to the prospect's pain.


The prospect doesn't know how it fits into their workflow.

Setting up good demos starts in discovery.
For a new SaaS product, the best SEO strategy is to have helpful guides for all your features. Match these guides with a user’s intent. User guides are also a great support buddy for your customers other than generating a helpful article that also brings more customers.
Roberto Robles 😺 🚀
SEO Tip for SaaS websites 🔥

⚡ Google loves content that answers user's questions

What you can do 👇

Create public help docs, guides and tutorials for your software 🤯

Your users will benefit from the content and strangers will be able to find your SaaS on search results 🚀
Social Media Marketing
Your SaaS product that is reinforced over time to an influencer’s following brings a high affinity. Find influencers who want to be a true representative of your brand. The result? More consumer trust and often lower influencer rates.
Amrit Rupa 📈
@ikoichi Getting an influencer to talk about their experience going about a task before discovering your product, and how they did it faster/cheaper/better using your product
Behind the scenes
I got my first B2B customer! Yes, this is such a big win after all the effort and hard work. It’s through a marketplace and is an inbound lead that got converted in a sales call. There are 5 more inbound leads with trials. Hoping for a great turnaround!
Ricky 📈
Got my first SaaS customer for a B2B product.

Taken an annual plan for $55! 🎉

Happy Sunday to all of you 🙂
Thanks for reading! SaaSwrites is a humble attempt to help SaaS founders and marketers grow their SaaS.
See you next Saturday.
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