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#16 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈

Write your SaaS Growth by SaaSwrites 📈
#16 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈
By Ricky from SaaSwrites • Issue #16 • View online
Apologies! I forgot to hit publish on Saturday. Duh. I thought better to send this out today than not send it at all!
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Welcome to the 16th edition of Write Your SaaS Growth.
TL;DR In this edition, we discuss:
  • Ads: Know who you are talking to and what message they would like to hear
  • Cold Email: First lines will help make your campaign.
  • Content Marketing: Your content strategy needs to continuously fuel your growth engine
  • Community: Community leaves an impact that helps people become humans.
  • Copywriting: deploy psychological triggers in your copy
  • Email Marketing: Automate campaigns based on actions to personalize
  • Growth Marketing: Find methods to stay in touch with your customer and avoid churn
  • Sales: have product documentation to shorten your sales cycle
  • SEO: SEO is not free and can become quite expensive
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is great for feedback 
Let’s GO!

Growth Tip of the Week!
The biggest downfall of SaaS marketing is the assumption that people only become customers by requesting a demo.

It's called a buyers journey for a reason.

Educate, demonstrate, and help your users along the way, and you will see growth.

#marketing #SaaS #revenue #sales
Nothing works in marketing until you know who you are talking to and what message they would like to hear. Don’t just drive traffic to your SaaS from ads. Do your research, speak to your customers, learn their pain points and change your copy, website, and funnel accordingly.
Jan | SaaS Growth
“Tried ads but it didn’t work at all.”

How did you validate your funnel and messaging?

I guess you didn’t.

In order to make ads work for your SaaS (and tbh any other business) you need to validate that your messaging and funnel work.


Outbound -> Data -> Iteration-> Win
Cold Email
There’s a strong debate on how much a cold email needs to be personalized. Some say 80% of prospects don’t read past the first line of your cold email. First lines will help make your campaign.
Jan | SaaS Growth
Before we start, let’s establish something:

Personalization will ALWAYS increase your campaign performance.

The more personalized, the more replies.

Yet for most people, it’s not the case because their first lines are total garbage.
Content Marketing
For SaaS content marketing, you’re selling both technology and service. The longer sales cycle in the SaaS industry means that your strategy has to be focused on both acquiring new customers and retaining them. Your content strategy needs to continuously fuel your growth engine.
Hamse Nur 👨🏿‍💻| building in public 🔧
When building a content marketing strategy for your SaaS, keep these 6 questions in mind.

Who are our ideal customers?
Where do they consume content the most?
What are their problems?
How can they solve their problems?
Why should they use our SaaS to solve their problems?
The power of building a community is much bigger than getting MRR for your SaaS. It leaves an impact that helps people become humans. Your SaaS providing an opportunity to help your customers feel more human is in itself a great marketing strategy.
Underrated truth:

Human beings can surprise you with their potential and talents when they are immersed in a positive, supportive and creative community

That's what's happening today as we wrap up our @DayOneD1 Summer ‘22 Showcase

Blown away by the ideas & projects
Do you deploy psychological triggers in your copy? A good copy will help your prospect make the click, but pulling out the credit card is a whole different game. Deploy tons of different psychological triggers to help your copy win even more deals. Here’s a fresh start framing you can apply to help your prospects make a new beginning:
Jon Brosio
@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew 4. Fresh Start Effect

→ Users are more likely to take action if there's a feeling of new beginnings

The copy here from @dickiebush "Finally Start" helps envision a new beginning:
Email Marketing
Automation makes email marketing a great side rep for SaaS marketing. You can set up various campaigns based on actions performed by your users and that is powerful. It helps personalize your prospect’s experience, helps them with on-point customer success, and continues to build trust.
TJ 〰️ SaaS Sales
Automation is sales best friend

It achieves:
• Marketing/lead generation
• Appointment scheduling
• Email sequencing

All you have to do is set it up AND know how to close

In sales the greatest ROI will always be seeking more new or existing business

More time = more money
Growth Marketing
Customer retention is everything. The average SaaS company loses 50% of its customers within 12 months after they sign up.  Is your business struggling with churn rate? Stop running yourself out of business! Find methods to stay in touch with your customer and avoid churn.
Jeraldine Phneah
🚀 4. Add value beyond the software:

The end goal of the customers we had were to drive engagement on social.

I regularly sent them info which could support their goals i.e. changes in algorithm

This helped me retain customers though our competitors were cheaper.
Do you have great documentation in place? Or is it just a sales demo? With a SaaS product, we often put the customer first by handing out demos. However, when you have proper technical documentation in place, your process would be customer-centric and shorten your sales cycle.
Taylor Street Analytics
@BowTiedSalesGuy The amount of SaaS pages I've seen that have ZERO documenation but spam "book demo now" everywhere.

I don't want to talk to Tiffany for 10 minutes about your stupid features.

Just give me a page or vid on fundamentals of product.
To begin with, SEO tools are expensive. Writing great content takes time and high-quality writing skills. You need to ensure your technical SEO is sound and your websites are in order. SEO takes a lot of effort in terms of labor and cost. However, once the results set in, they are great.
Adam White
6. SEO is NOT free

There is a big fallacy in the SEO equals free traffic.

Sure, once you're ranked high you can get free traffic.

But there is no way to rank for any key phrases worth ranking for without having to spend money on amazing content and a lot of backlinks.
Social Media Marketing
Social media seems glamorous. Likes, comments, shares, and RTs, it feels like a lot can happen. But that’s not the story always. When starting new, you might struggle, or get minimal impressions. The key is to keep going! Social media is a resource that can act as a great feedback!
Janet Machuka
If you’re looking for ways to help your small business stand out from the crowd, here are 4 tips for marketing on social media:

1. Use social media as a resource - Watch & Learn

2. Be consistent & persistent

3. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback

4. Create an authentic voice
Behind the scenes
Ricky 📈
Grow your SaaS by driving perceived value.

Here's how:
1. List ALL the value your SaaS offers

2. List how you can add further perceived value from:
- Decreased time
- Decreased effort
- Increased goals
- achievement likelihood

3. Add ALL the above to your copy and sales
Been thinking of different ways to provide more value for my SaaS prospects apart from the software. And then will find ways to include the value in your copy.
Thanks for reading! SaaSwrites is a humble attempt to help SaaS founders and marketers grow their SaaS.
See you next Saturday.
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