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#17 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈

Write your SaaS Growth by SaaSwrites 📈
#17 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈
By Ricky from SaaSwrites • Issue #17 • View online
Howdy SaaS founders & marketers! My name is Ricky, and every Saturday, I curate/create this weekly newsletter ‘Write your SaaS Growth’ by SaaSwrites - a SaaS Marketing Hub.
We discuss curated growth tactics, strategies, and marketing channels in easy-to-digest nuggets to help grow your SaaS.
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Welcome to the 17th edition of Write Your SaaS Growth.
TL;DR In this edition, we discuss:
  • Ads: Making ads with those good old movie stills
  • Cold Email: Having empathy in your CTA
  • Content Marketing: Content clusters solve wider problems
  • Community: The ROI of a community is helping users with achievement
  • Copywriting: Help your users write your copy for you
  • Email Marketing: Segment your users according to your product journey
  • Growth Marketing: Activate your users with less friction
  • Sales: You do not need a demo for your sales cycle
  • SEO: Focus on your BOFU solutions
  • Social Media Marketing: Use Twitter circles to gather SaaS feedback
Let’s GO!

Growth Tip of the Week!
Andrea Bosoni
I don’t want to move fast and break things, I want to build a calm, profitable lifestyle business.
Where are the ads with those good old movie stills? You can still create an amazing SaaS ad (like embedded video calls) while showing the customer pain with fun, emotions, entertainment, and education. All you need is a creative genius. Such ads also work great for YouTube! Short isn’t always necessarily sweet!
📕 Once upon a time there was a Founder, Developer, Product Manager and Finance Director, and one very tricky request….

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Cold Email
I got a call cold message this week with something I really want! It was perfectly timed, well written, and spoke directly to me. However, I ignored the message because of the CTA. It pushed me for a call and I had no energy to attend one this week. Gurus and wizards tell you to have a call as a CTA, my IMHO put an empathy-induced CTA.
Chris Closset
6/ Relax the call to action

Not everyone wants to have a 30-minute call this week… Instead try a softer approach by sharing a whitepaper, asking for their opinion, or inviting your prospect to watch an on-demand demo.
Content Marketing
Maximize your content marketing effort by creating a content cluster. All you need is a pillar page. Have your H2 and H3 sections on your pillar page. Build different pages for each of your H2 and H3 sections. Link all your H3 pages with each other and lt all of the H3s link to your one H2. Allow all your H2s to link to your one pillar page.
dan 🤝 content
✨ How to Start a New Content Cluster ✨

My repeatable process to becoming an authority in a sub niche

Thread 🧠
The biggest ROI I see when building a community for SaaS is helping users achieve a goal together. Your SaaS is helping your users in some way, and there is no better ay to build a community around helping your users achieve that goal.
Dave Gerhardt
@jimmy_daly "SaaS communities are a melting pot of customer support, product marketing, ToF marketing and networking" is what happens when the Co makes it about the product / hasn't found the bigger "why" hook yet for the community
Your copy is not supposed to be fancy. All it needs to do is talk about your user’s pain points and help them emotionally make a logical decision. Cut more fluff and spend time understanding your user problems. When they talk to you about your problems, they are speaking your copy for you.
Bearded Email Marketer | Utopian 💭
Copywriting for B2B SaaS plays on emotions & value

Target their emotions by creating an image of:
> How painful it is without your software
> The benefits they would receive by using your software

Provide quick & actionable value:
> External links
> Resources to guide them
Email Marketing
Segmentation can be challenging for SaaS founders. The most effective method I have found is to segment your list according to their product journey. If there are three steps that you need your users to perform, segment them into these stages and market your emails to help them move to the next stage. An effective strategy!
Krunal Vaghasiya
Personalize your SaaS email marketing with segmentation
- Segment your audience.
- Structure your email copy accordingly
- Add one clear Call-To-Action (CTA) in each email based on the customer journey.
Growth Marketing
The best time to activate a user is during the signup. Help them see the value of your SaaS as quickly as possible. This will help you with activation. Have little steps and make the user activation as quickly as possible.
Anna 👩🏾‍💻 Copywriting, Email Strategy, et alia
4. The 'TO-DO' email

For SaaS solutions, there are steps the user needs to take to make the most of the app. (This is usually tied to the user activation stage.)

Ask, 'What do we need the user to do to experience the value of the product?'
Then make that ask in this email.
Why is there a need to have a demo associated with sales? Your users are well educated and can take a demo themselves. You dont need to schedule a demo call with your sales person to close a B2B prospect. Yes, it helps you with an interview and building a relationship, but do not complicate a process just that can be solved by simply adding a video.
Brandon Jacoby 📐Hiring Product Designers
It's insane how many b2b saas companies *require* a demo + full sales process.

I'm already sold, just let me use your damn product.
SaaS is about solving a specific problem. Help your users know your solution by talking about these problems in your SEO. Very few people solve very specific problems. When a user searches for a solution, you can have your SaaS ranked. Focusing on BOFU content helps with your SaaS ranking!
Val Sopi
🔥 And here's the best part!

⚖️ In you can view all keywords searched in your Guide, so you can use that information to improve your Support and User Guide's content — as well as — THE BEST PART — You can use that information to improve your app!
Social Media Marketing
Have you used the Twitter Circle yet? I’ve seen some tweets that compain about them, but it got me thinking about what value it can deliver. Once you use it effectively, it can help you with your SaaS feedback, strengthen relationships, and maybe bring some customers. What are your views? Reply to this email and let me know.
Ikru ✏️
2. Effective way to get feedback

Use this to get feedback from your Twitter gang.

• Testing a new format?
• A brooding idea on your mind?
• Planning a Twitter gang meeting?

Just ask using Twitter Circle!

Ah... You get the point, right?
Behind the scenes
Ricky 📈
A pivot is not just creating a whole new product.

A pivot can apply to:
1. Business model
2. Positioning
3. Who you serve
4. Who you charge
5. Partnerships

Running a SaaS is about constantly doing slight pivots. The objective of a pivot is to achieve a product market fit!
Thanks for reading! SaaSwrites is a humble attempt to help SaaS founders and marketers grow their SaaS.
See you next Saturday.
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