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#18 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈

Write your SaaS Growth by SaaSwrites 📈
#18 - Write your SaaS Growth 📈
By Ricky from SaaSwrites • Issue #18 • View online
Halo SaaS founders & marketers! My name is Ricky, and every Saturday, I curate/create this weekly newsletter ‘Write your SaaS Growth’ by SaaSwrites - a SaaS Marketing Hub.
We discuss curated growth tactics, strategies, and marketing channels in easy-to-digest nuggets to help grow your SaaS.
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Welcome to the 18th edition of Write Your SaaS Growth.
TL;DR In this edition, we discuss:
  • Ads: Google ads is not just basic retargeting
  • Cold Email: One solution for one problem to one customer
  • Content Marketing: 4 blog posts can create 90 content pieces
  • Community: A strong community can help you exit in 5 years for more than $20b
  • Copywriting: Ideas, angles, offers, and your copy frame is what actually works
  • Email Marketing: Sharing personalized updates will make your SaaS product their own
  • Growth Marketing: Feedback at cancellation is critical
  • Sales: Hit your prospect when they are ready
  • SEO: with written SEO (blogs), you get a chance to update your content
  • Social Media Marketing: Have the right messaging
Let’s GO!

Growth Tip of the Week!
Jan | SaaS Growth
If your prospects shows interest it’s your duty to follow up forever like an obsessed ex girlfriend until you get yes/no or until they sue you.
Google ads aren’t one ad fits all! For all your Growth, Nurturing, Brand, and LTV campaigns, each part of the funnel is crucial for overall account success. You cannot win with just simple and basic remarketing campaigns like targeting all website visitors with basic creatives and copy. You need to flip this on its head to maximize.
Collin Schmelebeck | The Google Ads Guy
Here is the strategy I used

1. Followed The Funnel Approach

2. Shopping Is Still A Thing

3. Segmented Remarketing Strategies

4. Experimented w/ Budget
Cold Email
Cold email for your SaaS ties to understanding what ONE problem your SaaS solves for that ONE target person in ONE niche. It’s a simple framework that gets you results with discipline.
andre ⚡️
Our biggest breakthrough with the agency happened when we pivoted to offering ONE service (cold email lead gen) to ONE niche (agency owners). Stay disciplined with this and watch your business grow.
Content Marketing
It’s amazing how one piece of content can be repurposed in different formats. It’s also good to know that you can redistribute the pieces of content later on! 4 powerful blog posts a month when repurposed can generate nearly 90 pieces of content for you!
Tim Stoddart
1. Write a blog post
2. Cut it up into 3 LinkedIn posts
3. Cut those up into 8 tweets
4. Turn the tweets into videos
5. Post them on TikTok and IG
6. Turn blog into YouTube Video
7. Send a summary to your email list

1 piece of content = 22 pieces of content
Building a clever, community-first SaaS tool like Figma, Notion, or Shopify can help you exit in 5 years for more than $20b to an Adobe-type company. except you would have raised $0 in venture capital. - Greg Isenberg.
Community-driven SaaS companies will always triumph.

Just take a look at:

- Notion
- Clickfunnels
- Mailchimp
- Canva

Build a community as a SaaS.

You will have unlimited traffic and customers!
It’s very easy to focus on your copywriting frameworks, some powerful words, and formulas/templates that have worked. That’s all the theoretical knowledge every newbie is proudly announcing. What helps are ideas, angles, offers, and your copy frame. That should be the focus.
George Ten
The next time you see a homeless person with a sign...

Or a guy juggling at a stoplight with a sign that explains why you should give him money...

Remember: GOOD copywriting could double or triple their income.

That's how I practice my copy skills in my head when on the roads.
Email Marketing
When you have leads and customers using your SaaS, humanizing the relationship will bring you many-fold results. The greatest power of email marketing is to share your SaaS with interested people (email signups). Sharing personalized updates and keeping them informed of your progress will make your SaaS product their own.
Siddharth Rajsekar
💡6 - Write ONE heartfelt email every week

I always make it a point to write a long-form heart-felt email once a week to my entire list.

Some of these emails will have no promotions and no links.

I get people to reply back to the emails.

This improves future deliverability
Growth Marketing
It’s a gruesome pain felt in its nightfall entirety when your paying subscriber cancels and churns. Feedback at this stage is the most critical. I have faced this myself and implementing a form would be so useful.
Liam | SaaS growth
SaaS founders, implement a process for cancellation feedback today.

You won't regret it. Some of the responses will surprise you.

Find the why behind every action.
Sales is all about follow-ups. Your prospect might jump on a call with you just to know more about your product. Your prospect might be looking at your solution that they need after 6 months. When you hit your prospect when they are ready, that’s when the sale happens.
TJ 〰️ SaaS Sales
Want to be the best at sales?

Follow-ups are an absolute must

Here's why
- 48% of people never follow-up with a prospect
- 80% of sales require 5-12 follow-ups
- 68% of sales are lost with poor follow-ups

It's what separates the best from the rest
The biggest benefit you have with SEO (especially written SEO - blogs) is the chance to update your content. It’s difficult to update content with social media/YouTube. Once published, you cannot change them back. Blogs can be updated with time and that’s something that makes them very powerful for SEO.
Andrea Bosoni
Updating old posts is the lowest hanging fruit of content marketing yet so few people do it regularly.
Social Media Marketing
Just simply put - is your product messaging on your landing page and social media accounts helping your users know:
  1. What do you do?
  2. Who is it for?
  3. Why is it for them?
George Ten
Here’s a mind bender for you.

If we RANDOMLY clicked on 10 SaaS websites on Twitter…

You wouldn’t understand what 9 out of 10 of them do.

But here’s the thing:

If you reached out to those 9…

8 of them would say they don’t need any help with their messaging.

Why’s that?
Behind the scenes
Ricky 📈
When you go into partnerships, it's important to think of value for your partner first.

There might be a good reason that you think your partner values X but it can be totally opposite and they value Y.

Partnerships are a lot about what stage you're in
Thanks for reading! SaaSwrites is a humble attempt to help SaaS founders and marketers grow their SaaS.
See you next Saturday.
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